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Florist Garden is committed to protecting data and our customers.

  1. We will retain our your personal contact details, and the details of your flower order
  2. We do not retain credit information
  3. We will never sell, or rent personal customer information to any 3rd party
  4. We are committed to providing all reasonable steps to protecting customer data
  5. As a customer of Florist Garden by Natural Elegance you may receive marketing emails or SMS’s. These emails may target occasions like birthday reminders, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day reminders
  6. We utilise SSL certificate technology to protect your information, all online purchases using credit card transactions ioll be carried out using paypal
  7. We may receive information obtained from cookies to help us create a better user experience, this information may also help in fraud detection
  8. Person/s under the age of 18 may purchase from Florist Garden provided they are being supervised by an adult
  9. We may, from time to time, need to update your contact details within your Florist Garden account. This is usually done at your request, however not exclusively

Day To Day Operations

There may be occasions through the year when Florist Garden needs to update services, or associated costs. Florist Garden by Natural Elegance has the right to do so without the need to inform our member database. This may include the removing of products, or certain parts of our website.

Due to circumstances out of our control some services may be affected when our ISP has connectivity troubles, which may also include our communications systems – be it phones, or email. If this occurs we will make all reasonable efforts to restore services back to normal.